Dealing with the Enormous amount of Data

Big data, cloud, and security. Three keywords you are not done hearing about. As we evolve through an era of consolidation; businesses grow larger every second. Managing growth is one thing, but dealing with the enormous amount of data this growth is bringing inside each company is part of Hercules’ labors. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) systems have been developed to manage this issue, and OpenText happens to be one of the leaders in this emerging business.

OTEX shows a low yield but its growth policy is quite aggressive. OTEX will be surfing on strong tailwinds for several years. OTEX has built a business model generating consistent cash flow (recurring revenues through subscriptions). This will support dividend payment (and increases) for a while. As the company continues its quest for growth, expect a double-digit dividend growth policy for several years to come.

An investment in ATD is definitely not for an income producing stock. However, if you are looking at the long-term horizon, your dividend payouts will grow in the double digits for a while and you will enjoy strong stock price growth. ATD’s potential is directly linked to its capacity to swallow and integrate more convenience stores. Management has often proven its ability to pay the right price and generate synergy for each deal. ATD shows a perfect combination of the dividend triangle: revenue, EPS and strong dividend growth.

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