Precision Multi Axis Machining
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Turbine Blades

Covering the full range of sizes, we have manufactured HP, IP and LP blades of various sizes and types. Ranging from TX to 3DS and F-Type blades with Z-Shroud and Fir-Tree roots, we have a wide range of experience in Steam Turbine Blades.

We have deep technological expertise in Titanium machining. Our diverse experience with machining Jet Engine blades for Compressor Stage stators and rotors, gives us an edge than our competition. Our surface finish, dimensional and geometrical accuracies are world class.

We can machines blades up to 1000 mm x 600 mm. We have been fortunate enough to be part of multiple Hydro projects in and around India. We have experience in machining blades for both Kaplan and Francis turbine designs. We have made a name for ourselves in manufacturing Hydro Wickets.

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