Precision Multi Axis Machining
Precision 5-Axis Machining An ISO 9001:2008 Company
With state of the art machining facility, highly experienced team and modern infrastructure, we are ready to tackle any machining challenge. We are specialist in flow path components such as Blades, Impellors, Guide Wanes, etc. for Steam, Gas and Hydro turbines. With simultaneous 5-Axis Machining, we generate complex 3-dimensional aerofoils and profiles for Aerospace, Power Generation and Oil & Gas Sector.
We work with a large variety of materials which include various austenite and martensite steels, Ni alloys and Ti Alloys. We have worked with precision castings, forgings as well as rolled flat and round bars. We adapt with your needs. Our extensive experience with various materials results in better understanding of stress and deformations which in turn results in better finish and tighter tolerances.

We aim to become one of the leading engineering solutions providers in the Country. Our Vision is to provide Engineering Solutions to companies dealing in Aerospace, Power Generation and Oil & Gas. We have been growing and plan to add additional capacity to our works year on year. We aim at incorporating technology and innovation as the key differentiator to grow and sustain our position and create value for our customers and stakeholders, through innovative solutions and strategic alliances worldwide.

We believe that we succeed only when our customers succeed. We are partners in our customer’s success and will collaborate with them at each stage of manufacturing; we are committed to create each component with the precision of a Crystal.

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